Watch US TV channels from Germany

Name: Rachel

Age: 36

Country: Germany

Profession: Product Designer

Could you share a little bit about yourself?

“My name is Rachel and I'm an American girl from Washington DC. After highschool, I took a gap year for a big Euro Tour, which I didn't managed to finish, because I met someone when visiting Berlin, fell in love, decided to stay and ended up studying design right here. My boyfriend became my husband and I love him and this city with all my heart. My family is also very "Euro orientated", I have a sister who moved to France and a brother who lives in Belgium. I guess it's because our dad is half French and our mom is half German, it's in our blood and I've always been interested in learning other languages."

How did you find out about ChillGlobal?

“A friend of mine, also American, also moved to Europe and is a big American sports fan, just like me. She told me at some point that she was able to watch the Super Bowl live stream without any problems with ChillGlobal. I was stoked, because I've tried several other tools that were quite complicated to install and didn't work that well.”

For what do you use ChillGlobal? 

“Even though Germany feels completely like home, I do like to stream the big American LIVE stream events, such as The Grammys, The Emmys or the upcoming Oscars. For me watching a recap on a German channel is just not the same. And as I already said, I also love to stream big American sports events like the Super Bowl and the NBA. My husband is also a big sports fan, so we both enjoy it." 

Would you recommend the ChillGlobal smart-plugin?

"For sure! Especially to all the fellow LIVE stream and sports fans our there!”