Watch US TV from Home when Abroad

Right ok, first things first.. Let's make it very clear in this blog post that ChillGlobal is not an American TV channel nor a download or streaming website! ChillGlobal is a smart-plugin tool for your web browser. It’s a quick and easy, reliable solution designed for everyday usage and for everyone to enjoy. It is not a computer program and doesn't take up any of your capacity. One of the most important advantages of downloading ChillGlobal, the best US VPN, to your web browser is that you will be able to stream and watch American TV and US videos without any geographical restrictions. This means that whenever you are abroad, travelling, or maybe you work abroad or decide to move to a different country for a while, you will be able to continue watching your favorite American TV shows from home online. 

ChillGlobal hides your own IP address and changes it into the IP address of the country that you would lik to watch TV from. So for example, if you are American and you just love your FOX channels then you now no longer need to miss out on any of your favorite FOX shows. You can continue streaming and watching them from wherever you are in the world. Did you move to Spain for work, are you on holidays or travelling for a longer time, but you don't feel like paying for an expensive TV box or receiver, no worries! Simply download ChillGlobal (literally within 20 seconds), select the US flag and click on the FOX channel or type in the URL. And there you go! Barely any video buffering, super sharp image and ChillGlobal, the American VPN, will not slow down your internet connection either. This bascially applies to all of our 15 participating countries. You can access all the content from each of these 15 countries. regardless of your own location. And since you have access to all of their American content, you are also able to stream and watch American TV shows, talkshows, programs and whatever else it is that they broadcast on their offical American TV channel websites. Special websites where you can watch all the American TV shows that you missed out on are also available, so you never have to skip any of your favorite TV shows form home anymore! 

ChillGlobal, the American VPN, is 100% legal. Our service allows everyone to legally watch their favourite American movie or US TV channel and show from their home country without any geographical restrictions. Unlike IPTV or a TV box server provider, we offer a network with speedy servers that connect directly to the country and content that you would like to access, regardless of your global position.

ChillGlobal, the US VPN, could be life changing, to you and your family. It allows you to watch American TV from your home country, wherever you are. This way, you can unlock the world and stay connected to American culture and language and stay up to date with the latest from your United States. We believe that everyone should have the right to access online content, regardless of their whereabouts. We are happy to have launched this amazing service and we are convinced that this add-on will make your life easier.

Of course it also works the other way around! With ChillGlobal, American best VPN, you have access to all these countries and languages. Which means that when you are at home, you can watch American TV from abroad. This is super convenient whenever you are studying a foreign language or if you would like your children to get more familiar with different languages. Especially when you are raising a child in a bi-lengual family, it can be very helpful to have access to the US TV channels from abroad.

Now that you know all of the above, it’s time to put it into practice! Before anything, register for the ChillGlobal, the American VPN, free trial right here. The smart-plugin for your web browser is a zero space invader, downloaded and installed in 20 seconds (also for non-IT nerds) AND with a monthly free trial of 20 hours. No need for Credit Card details, just your enter email address and you are ready for take-off. Once this is done, you can unlock the online content from all of our 15 participating countries, regardless of your own location. For example, if you paid for Netflix at US, you will be able to connect and access your account no matter where you are! Your IP address is changed; you are private and rerouted by proxies through our super-fast ChillGlobal, the best American VPN, servers that we have in place in every participating country: FREEDOM!

If you haven’t downloaded ChillGlobal, the American VPN yet, all you have to do is register. It will unlock the world for you, regardless of your own location. Whether it’s to watch and stream American TV from home, access your paid streaming service accounts, follow sports from abroad or compare prices and experience the advantages of online shopping with ChillGlobal, American VPN, you are now free to access any geo-blocked website. 

The world is your oyster!